How to Check for NERC Shortlisted Candidates 2024/2025

The Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) is searching for talented Nigerians to join their team! This is a great opportunity to work for a crucial organization that plays a vital role in the country’s electricity sector.

However, as of today, April 4, 2024, the official NERC shortlist for 2024 has not been released. But don’t worry, this guide will equip you with all the necessary information so you can be prepared when the list arrives.

What is NERC and Why Should You Consider Working There?

NERC is an independent regulatory body responsible for overseeing the electricity industry in Nigeria. They ensure efficient and reliable electricity generation, transmission, and distribution across the nation. Working for NERC means contributing to a vital service that impacts millions of Nigerians.

When Will the NERC Shortlist Be Released?

While there’s no confirmed date yet, reliable sources indicate that NERC plans to announce the shortlisted candidates sometime in July 2024. We understand the wait can be nerve-wracking, but we’ll keep you updated as soon as the official announcement arrives.

Who Gets Shortlisted?

The NERC shortlist comprises candidates who have successfully passed the initial application stage. This means their qualifications and experience align with the specific requirements and criteria set by NERC for the open positions.

How to Check If You’re Shortlisted (Once the List is Released)

Here’s what you need to do to see if you’ve made it to the next stage:

  1. Visit the NERC Recruitment Portal: Head over to and log in using the email address and password you used during your application.
  2. Find the Shortlisted Candidates Section: Once logged in, navigate through the portal until you find a section labeled “Shortlisted Candidates” or something similar.
  3. Open the Shortlist PDF: There will likely be a link to a PDF document containing the names of all shortlisted applicants. Click on that link to download and open the document.
  4. Search for Your Name: Use the search function within the PDF to find your name on the list.
  5. Confirmation by NERC: It’s important to note that NERC will also directly contact shortlisted candidates via email or phone number provided during your application. So, if you receive a notification from NERC, congratulations! You’ve officially been shortlisted.

What Happens After Being Shortlisted?

Being shortlisted signifies you’ve cleared the first hurdle! The next step involves attending the NERC screening process. This stage might include interviews, written tests, or other assessments designed to evaluate your skills and suitability for the specific role.

Here’s the key takeaway: attending the screening process is mandatory if you want to progress further in the recruitment process.

Stay Updated on Everything NERC Shortlist

We’ll keep you informed about any updates related to the NERC Shortlisted Candidates for 2024. This includes sharing the official announcement once the list is released, providing details about the screening process (if available), and keeping you updated on any important news.

About the NERC Shortlist PDF

As of now, the NERC shortlist hasn’t been released, so there’s no official PDF available yet. However, once the announcement is made, we’ll update this guide to include a download link for your convenience (if one becomes available).

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Remember, stay tuned for further announcements and news about the NERC shortlist. We’ll keep you in the loop throughout the process!

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